Short Film by Casey Kelly

Director: Casey Kelly
Writer: Casey Kelly
Editor: Michael A. Hoeg, A.C.E.
Producers: Anne Drecktrah, Marcy C. Schaffer

When Texan, Hank Gibbs, spots a naked woman in a junkyard he does what any other sensitive guy would do; he brings her home to his wife and daughter.

Theresa: How have you been?
Casey: Well, I’ve been out in L.A. for the most part working on this movie that we’ll be showing on Worldfest this Sunday April 9th.

Theresa: Tell us about the movie.
Casey: It’s about a play I wrote some years some years ago, which was in the best short plays, it was published in that volume and it was done all over the place. And it was always a little pet of mine. And when I got a grant, given to me by the American Film Institute, they’re trying to train women directors making their first film. I received one of these grants, they’re very coveted. And I was the non-Californian this year. It was just an utter thrill. Some of the people that have been through that program were Joanne Woodward, Maya Angelou, Anne Bancroft, Dianne Cannon, Lee Grant.