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Producer Karchi Perlmann

ROSE’S, World Premiere
Interview with Producer Karchi Perlmann

By Theresa Hyde
April 9th, 1999

Secrets abound in a small southern town, and most of them seem to revolve around Rose, a timid florist. Rose turns to a recently paroled murderer, Willyum to help her dispose of her debt-ridden and deceitful husband, Dan. Circumstances oblige Willyum to help Rose, who in turn helps Willyum win back the love of his estranged family. In the course of three days, they find themselves transformed by a series of unexpected events.

Karchi Perlmann is the Producer of the movie. ROSE’S World Premiere was Saturday night, April 10th at the 32nd Annual Worldfest - Houston International Film Festival.

THYDE: Tell us about your film, ROSE’S…
KARCHI: It is a film that takes place in a small Georgia town, about a woman who owns a flower shop. She ends up hiring an African-American man, who has just recently been paroled, and she asks him to help with the murder of her husband. However, it’s not a murder mystery or a murder story, it’s about a very unlikely friendship that these people develop because they help each other. He helps her solve her problem and she helps him get back with his estranged wife and family.

THYDE: And Frank Patterson, the filmmaker, is from Houston…
KARCHI: Yes, Frank is the Writer and the Director. He’s from Houston, Texas.

THYDE: Where was the film shot?
KARCHI: It was actually shot in Florida, in Quincy and Tallahassee, Florida, because it’s supposed to take place in a small Georgia town. So we actually shot both in Georgia and Florida.

THYDE: Why did you choose to produce this film?
KARCHI: Frank wrote the script, we’ve been partners for about 5-6 years. We’ve been developing feature length films. This was the perfect film for us to do as a first feature debut and the Houston International Film Festival is the World Premiere of this movie. The Cast of Rose’s includes Sylvia Miles and Wayne DeHart. Sylvia Miles is a two-time Academy nominee and is one of our supporting cast. And actually, Wayne DeHart who plays the male lead in the film, also lives here in Houston. He’s a great character actor who’s been in many major motion pictures. And you just gotta see the film, because it speaks for itself.