THE 1998 - 1999 SEASON OF


Broadway, The Bard, and Beyond...

Rebecca Greene Udden
Artistic Director

Main Street Theater
2540 Times Blvd. Houston, Tx 77005


By Wendy Wasserstein

September 10 - October 11, 1998
Chelsea Market

A Southwest Premiere! First produced at Lincoln Center in April, 1997, Wasserstein's newest and most controversial work concerns the nomination of a highly-qualified woman, Lyssa Dent Hughes, to the office of Surgeon General. When it is discovered that Hughes once ignored a Jury summons, the insuing media frenzy threatens to destroy her career. This marks Wasserstein's fourth work to be presented by MST, following last season's highly successful production of The Sister's Rosensweig.



By Jonathan Reynolds

October 1 - November 1, 1998
Times Boulevard
A Southwest Premiere!

While giving a tour of Stonewall Jackson's house, a young African-American tour guide asks a couple if she can return home with them - as their slave. From this astonishing moment, Reynolds embarks on an unrestrained rampage through the forces of the politically correct. Newsweek calls it "The funniest, most outrageous play of the season!"



By Sam and Bella Spewak

November 19 - December 20, 1998
Times Boulevard

Forget about Bob and Ebeneezer, this is a holiday tale that only Houstonians can appreciate: It's Christmas day in French Guiana, where the temperature has politely dipped to 104. Three miserable convicts, employed as roofers by a kindly, but not very astute shopkeeper, use their well-honed criminal skills to save their employer from his cold-blooded relatives. If you liked last season's hit, Good Housekeeping, you'll love this uplifting Yuletide comedy.



A Concert Musical
December 31, 1998 - January 17, 1999

Jane, the daughter of the president of Atwater College is the cool calm center of the universe to the colorful group of undergrads, athletes, scholars and lovers aruond her, in Jerome Kern's witty send-up of college life. Following the success of last season's Lady Be Good, MST rings in the New Year with the delicious music of one of the American theater's greatest composers.



By Lillian Hellman

January 14 - February 14, 1999
Times Boulevard

A powerful and compelling drama by one of this century's most celebrated writers, Watch On The Rhine sets a man's heroic struggle against Nazism not in Germany, but in the comfortable affluence of Washington, D.C. Where he expects to find safety, he finds instead a desperate adversary, who nearly destroys both him and his unsuspecting family. Although other works by Hellman, such as The Little Foxes and The Children's Hour, are better known, Watch On The Rhine is considered by many to be her finest drama.



February 4 - March 7, 1999
Chelsea Market Location
4617 Montrose Blvd. in the Museum District

Love, Jealousy, Fidelity and Betrayal, and issues of racial identification all come into play in this, one of the Bard's greatest tragedies. MST Artistic Director Rebecca Udden will direct this modern-dress production. According to Udden, "While this magnificent drama is a story of great passion in a very intimate setting, there are larger political issues which are very much in keeping with the rest of our season"


"Now Showing"


by Dario Fo

March 4 - April 3, 1999
at Times Boulevard

A man, "The Fool", is hauled into a police station. It so happens that several weeks earlier in this same locale, an anarchist "accidentally" fell to his death from a fifth floor window. Through a series of quick changes, a brilliant knowledge of government, and comic business worthy of a Marx Brothers routine, "The Fool" tricks the police into reopening the investigation. MST audiences will remember Fo's hysterical The Virtuous Burglar from the 97-98 season.


A Concert Musical
by Arthur Kopit and Maury Yeston
March 25 - April 11, 1999

The story of Guido Contini, a famous director, and his attempts to conjure up a plot for his latest film, comes to life in this, the groundbreaking musicalization of Fellini's film 8 1/2. The New York Post calls it, "A marvelous musical, shimmering with ideas, both musical and theatrical."



By Jane Austen
April 22 - May 23, 1999
Chelsea Market Location
4617 Montrose Blvd. in the Museum District

An American Premiere! With its reputation firmly established as Houston's most dedicated presented of the voices of women writers, MST will present Matthew Francis adaptation of Jane Austen's comedy, Northanger Abbey, a cautionary tale against the dangers of too much reading, as the finale of its 24th season. This biting satire, a sharp departure from her usual gentle comedy of manners, once again proves that Austen's acute observations have stood the test of time.



By Frances Burney
Directed by Rebecca Greene Udden

Actors(L-R): Nathalie Cunningham as Mrs. Voluble, and Robert Leeds as Dabbler in The Witlings

February 5 - March 8, 1998

Mr. Dabbler


A Festival of One-Act Plays

March 12 - April 5, 1998

Martha Mazeika and Mark J. Roberts in The Virtuous Burglar


The Sisters Rosensweig

By Wendy Wasserstein

April 16 - May 17, 1998



Music and Lyrics by Marianne Pendino
Book by Marianne Pendino and Jane Seger

April 23 - May 31, 1998


By Henrik Ibsen

AFRICAN GIFT, February 1998

In Celebration of Black History Month