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David Osmond stars in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat featuring his brothers, the Osmond 2nd generation. The first of two Theatre Under the Stars "Summer Musicals at Wortham Center" plays June 30 - July 12. Photo credit: Marty Sohl


by Theresa Hyde
July 1, 1998
Houston, Texas

Headlining the Biblical joyride Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat are David Osmond, handsome nephew of Donny and Marie, in the title role. Also featured in the cast are six of David's eight brothers -- all sons of Osmond Brother Alan and members of The Osmonds' 2nd Generation, seasoned performers who appear regularly at the Osmond Family Theater in Branson, Missouri. David Osmond comes to the role of Joseph legitimately, having mastered the role in a 1997 production that led to understudying his Uncle Donny in Livent, Inc.'s Salt Lake City production earlier this year.

The Bible-story musical created by composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber and lyricist Tim Rice prior to their phenomenally successful Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat tells the story of the Jewish patriarch Jacob's favorite son, Joseph, a dreamer of dreams and (because this is a musical) a singer of songs. Strengthened by adversity and because of his ability to interpret dreams, Joseph ultimately becomes the right-hand man of the Egyptian pharoah.

Told through a kaleidoscope of song and dance, ranging in style from hoedown to calypso and French chanteuse to rock and roll and more, this first collaboration of Webber & Rice in 1968 as a 15-minute cantata written for an English school choir. By 1973 it had been expanded to just under ninety minutes for a professional London outing. Nearly ten years later, in 1982, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat finally made its Broadway bow, followed by lengthy stands in London, Canada and Australia. Since then it has rarely been off the road across America.

Upon meeting the Osmond brothers, not only were they handsome, clean-cut, and All-American, I found them all to be very sweet, nice, down-to-earth, romantic balladeers. They all acted like normal teenagers and it was so easy to forget that they're all celebrities in their own right. I tried to find the brother that was maybe deviant out of all of them, but I found that I could not. Even the brother that was not present, Doug, (who was sorely missed) was not there not because he didn't want to be, but because he was on a mission for his Church.

They all worked together as a team. In the middle of the interview, in the process of asking questions, I found myself asking, "I'm sorry, did I already ask you that?". I felt like I kept asking the same questions over and over again. I heard a couple of answers like, "I was gonna say that but he already said it." You know what I mean, when I say they're not deviant at all? They worked as a group, the very definition of teamwork. The Osmond Brothers are what made me proud to be an American.

David Osmond


David Osmond started his career early as the lead singer of the Osmond Boys who later changed their name to Osmonds - Second Generation. He comes from the talented stock as the fourth son of Alan, oldest member of The Osmond Brothers. David has worked hard as a singer and dancer and has been able to share his talents with people all over the world including Asia, Europe, parts of China and 49 of the 50 states. David and his brothers have performed on hundreds of television and radio shows and performed live in venues with crowds up to 65,000. He and his brothers have recorded several albums and have had hits in many countries.

David graduated from high school as a member of the National Honor Society and was one of the top five in his class. He is currently attending Brigham Young University with a major in music and theater arts. David is not unfamiliar with this musical production as he performed hte role of Joseph in 1997 in Salt Lake City and starred, as well as backed up his Uncle Donny, with the original JOSEPH cast during the spring o 1998. David's many performances as Joseph received consistent standing ovations and rave reviews which lead him to this current U.S. and Canadian tour.

Theresa: Who's your favorite Spice girl?
David: We've gotta get our brother Doug here....(laughing).....Ginger Spice
Theresa: Ginger Spice will always be a Spice girl to me.....
David: She is to me, too....
Theresa: I wanna know about your theatre experience, like how you're getting along, who among you are fighting here.....
David: (laughs, jokingly) Jon, we can't get along with Jon......

Theresa: Give me your name, your birthday and your age......
David: My name is David Osmond, I play Joseph, my birthday's August 21st, 1979, and I'm 18 years old.
Theresa: Tell us about the part that you're playing......
David: I play Joseph, I get to run around in long hair, and a weird coat, and I look like a hippie....
Theresa: You don't like wearing the long hair? You look pretty good.....
David: You like the long hair? I don't know.....I.....I guess I'm just not used to the long hair, it gets in my mouth and things. Joseph is a young guy who, throughout the show has to grow up from about the age of 17 to close to his 30's, I guess, or later. He goes through many stages in his life, he's kinda naiive at first. And he dreams, he's a dreamer and he interprets these dreams in different ways. He sees himself, he's gonna be this great ruler, and he sees his brothers bowing down to him and all these different things happen to him, as it goes on to the story......

Theresa: Donny played Joseph for a few years.
David: Yeah, Donny played Joseph for about six years......
Theresa: Do you call him Uncle Donny?
David: Uncle Donny for all of us......we're all brothers......
Theresa: And you understudied for him.....
David: That's right, yeah. This is my third company of performing Joseph. It's kinda become a tradition in our family.
Theresa: What was it like, being an understudy for Donny Osmond.....
David: You would think it would be kind of stressful or hard, and it was, but I learned a lot of different things. One of the main things I learned from my uncle wasn't how to run things or how to act as Joseph, but mainly......his main advice to me is just to be yourself and let that come across and just to enjoy the experience.
Theresa: Did he have to wear long hair also?
David: He wore long hair, and had the same outfits.

Theresa: Are you a little bit Country or are you a little bit Rock and Roll?
David: I think I'm both. I enjoy all kinds of music, from classical to rock, to jazz to R&B.....
Theresa: Who are your favorite artists?
David: My favorite artists, I would say are Babyface, and Harry Connick, Jr.
Theresa: Are you the oldest?
David: I'm number 4 of 8 boys. I'm right smack dab in the middle.
Theresa: How did this come about? Did you all decide that you're all gonna be in the same show?
David: I was actually performing that role with Donny, filling in for him, he was outta town for awhile. And the company heard about me, came out and saw me, and it went from there. Then they found out I had some brothers, so it seemed to worked out perfectly.
Theresa: Who are your most favorite actors?
David: I think Mel Gibson, he's cool. Harrison Ford. Tom Cruise.

Theresa: What does this experience mean to you? Working with your brothers, and being in theatre.....I mean, does it interfere with your school, or......?
David: Being in summertime, we're out of school. I just finished a semester at BYU. We do go to school, we're not dropouts. Education is very important to us. In fact, as soon as we finish this tour, we're all going back to public school. And actually I'm leaving on a mission for our church, I'll be out for 2 years. We'll all be serving it, actually we're missing one brother here today, he's serving a mission in South Africa. Education and our Church is very important to us.

Theresa: Would you like to add anything else, any comments?
David: And I enjoy all kinds of foods (laughs).......


Michael is the eldest of his eight brothers and has been the leader of their group for many years. He plays the lead guitar and sings tenor with his brothers. He loves music and business and is currently attending UVSC with an emphasis in Marketing. Michael and his wife Beka are pleased to begin the Third Generation of Osmonds with their brand new baby girl. Michael is an Eagle Scout and has achieved several leadership awards. He took two years off to serve as a full time missionary in Copenhagen, Denmark, and speaks fluent Danish.

Michael: My name is Michael, my birthday is November 4th, 1975 and I'm 22.
Theresa: Tell us about the part that you're playing.....
Michael: I play the brother Dan. Most of the brothers are alot alike, we're just really kinda, in the beginning, jealous of David. He gets a lot of attention from Dad, so we thought we're gonna get rid of him. So we attack him and sell him to Egypt, and he eventually ends up saving us. But my brother Nathan and I, on another part of the show, play some of the guards as well, when the brothers aren't onstage. So, we kinda get rough with David, kinda mean, lock him up.

Theresa: Why did you choose to become a part of this play?
Michael: Well, the opportunity came, and we auditioned. And we thought it'd be fun to do it as a family, too. We like performing together, and thought it'd be a really good experience to spend the summer together.

Theresa: Are you a little bit Country or are you a little bit Rock and Roll?
Michael: I'd have to say I'm more like David, I can go to extremes (laughs). Some of the good bands, Garth Brooks, I like Country. I like Pink Floyd, they're a pretty good mellow rock band. People that listen to Classical Music, I find, listen to Pink Floyd. It's wild.

Theresa: As the oldest, do you keep everybody together, are you the leader, basically?
Michael: I don't watch these guys as much anymore. But my brother Nathan does. I'm married. My wife actually just had our first baby on the opening night of the tour. It's been an exciting time.
Theresa: Were you on the road when the the baby was born?
Michael: Uh-huh (nods to his wife Beka who's carrying the new tiny little baby Osmond). She's a little girl, she was born in Dallas, she's a little Texan now. Six weeks old. But I keep an eye on my little baby now. So I got my hands full.


Jon is a young teenager that enjoys working with his brothers. Like his older brothers, he also made his TV debut on a Bob Hope Special at the age of three. He became (almost overnight) the bass singer for his group and loves to travel and perform. He is enjoying this production of JOSEPH because he can be a brother and he can also be himself. As an eagle scout, Jon is quite independent and is brilliant with computers as he maintains his 4.0 GPA status. He is on the high school golf and tennis teams and has landed a "hole in one" this past year.

Jon: I'm Jon Osmond, and that's without an H. My birthday is August 8, 1983, and I'm 14.
Theresa: Tell us about the part that you're playing......
Jon: I play Benjamin, which, I think I'm pretty sure is the youngest brother. And when we go to Egypt during the famine, Joseph wants to get back at us. So he puts a golden cup in my sack, and then I get framed for it, and then I get thrown in jail, kind of. And the brothers try to get me out. We do a whole number like that. It's fun.
Theresa: Is it hard to play the part?
Jon: I've known this play for a really long time. I've seen my Uncle Donny do it, and all that. So, I've just kind of always known it.

Theresa: Are a little bit Country or are you a little bit Rock and Roll?
Jon: I'm more Rock and Roll, than Country. I'm not into the twangy stuff.....
Theresa: Who are your favorite artists?
Jon: I like Babyface, Rush, good Rock and Roll.
Theresa: What's your favorite musical instrument?
Jon: I've taken piano lessons........
Theresa: Who's your favorite actor?
Jon: I like Bill Murray. Tom Hanks.

Theresa: You guys do Acapella?
Scott: Yeah, we do.....
Theresa: Is it in the show?
Scott: In our regular shows we do, but not in Joseph. We're called the Osmond 2nd Generation. We've done it ever since at a really young age.
Nathan: We've had top 40 songs over in Europe. We've played with New Kids on the Block. We were in the Donny and Marie shows, we were those little kids. Bob Hope discovered us, and we've grown up since then.


Scott has been performing for the last fiften years and made his first international television debut on a Bob Hope special with his brothers, the Osmond Boys at age five. He continued appearing regularly with them at state fairs and concerts all over the world. Scott is a talented musician and has studied the saxophone and piano. For the last five and a half years he has been appearing with his family at the Osmond Family Theater in Branson, MO. Scott is one of six Eagle Scouts in his family. He loves the outdoors and is on the soccer, track and business team this year. Scott will be starting his senior year in high school this fall as a return member of the National Honor Society with his usual 4.0 GPA.

Scott: I'm Scott Osmond. I'm 16, and my birthday is September 22, 1981.
Theresa: Tell us about the part that you're playing......
Scott: I play Gad. Probably the oddest name in the whole bunch. I play one of the brothers, like all the rest of my brothers, kind of jealous of Joseph 'cause he's got the coat, you know. So we were kinda mad, 'cause dad kinda liked him a little better. So, we sell him off to Egypt, and we wind up going through a famine, and begging for food from Joseph, which we don't recognize him until later. Kind of a neat twist to it, the neat thing about it is that it's a real story in the Bible.

Theresa: Are you a little bit Country or are you a little bit Rock and Roll?
Scott: I'd call it a little more Rock and Roll, than Country. I'm kinda in between, you know, kinda all of us, I think.
Theresa: Who's your favorite artist?
Scott: I like Boys II Men, Take Six, kinda like the Pop Soul.
Theresa: What musical instruments do you play?
Scott: I play the piano. We pretty much all play the saxophone as well.
Theresa: Who's your favorite actor?
Scott: I was gonna say Bill Murray, but he took it. I like Jim Carrey. I get a kick out of him. Just comedy-wise, Jim Carrey.

Theresa: Would you rather be an actor or a singer?
Scott: You know, I'm not sure. I think I'd rather stay more music-wise. And I really love performing and singing. But it's fun to do theatre. It's a lot of fun.


As a member of the performing group Second Generation, Nathan's career began at a very early age. His talents as a singer and performer have taken him and his brothers all over the world. Nathan has become accomplished both as a singer, musician, and song writer and loves producing events. He has had the opportunity to perform with some great entertainers including Bob Hope, The Beach Boys, Color Me Badd, and many others. In the early nineties Second Generation opened for part of the New Kids On The Block European "No More Games" tour. Nathan, also, an Eagle Scout, will be attending UVSC and just completed a call to serve for two years in Santiago, Chile as a Spanish speaking missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Nathan: My name is Nathan Osmond. Born February 14, 1977, Valentine's Day. And I'm 21.
Theresa: Oh, you're so soft-spoken. I really like that.
Nathan: (laughs)
Theresa: Tell us about the part that you're playing.....
Nathan: I play Zebulun. He's one of the older brothers of Joseph and he's very animated. I guess you could say he turns very jealous. He's one of the bigger brothers. I'm one of the bigger guys onstage, which is one of the reasons I'm sure they chose me to be one of the guards as well. To throw my brother in jail. And what the plot goes through.......actually there's quite a few costume changes in the play. But Zebulun, he sees Joseph and you first we all come out and we're all happy but, then he starts accusing Jacob, his dad - talking about how Joseph's mother was his favorite, how it's Joseph this, and Joseph that......
Theresa: Oh, you have different mothers in the play?
Nathan: Yeah, his wives.......his different wives. It's in the Bible. Anyway they all talk about how Joseph's mother was his favorite.........It's all musical. All the words are.....really, there's no speaking parts. It's all to music. So anyway, the brothers really start getting upset about this, 'cause dad always liked his little Joe and forgets about the rest of us. So, anyway we throw him in a pit, we're about ready to leave him there in the dessert, we see this Israelite coming along, we get this brilliant idea, "Let's sell him! We need some cash!" So, that's exactly what they do. And he gets back with them......It's a fun play.
Theresa: (laughs) Really? I can't wait, I haven't seen it yet.....
Nathan: Oh, you have to see it......I won't spoil it for you...

Theresa: So, are you a little bit Country, or are you a little bit Rock and Roll?
Nathan: Let's just say, I'm a little bit R&B. Rhythm and Blues. Or R&C. You know, a little bit Rock and Country, too. But my favorite types of groups are more like, Take Six, Boys II Men. I go for everything from Garth Brooks to Harry Connick to......oh, you name it. I pretty much listen to everything except for the grunge and the heavy metal. I really don't get into it that much. I'm also a song writer, so I enjoy......actually, I love ballads. And the slower R&B feel. That's more the style of music I've been writing recently for upcoming albums that we're working on.

Theresa: Do you write the lyrics and all?
Nathan: Yeah, we're doing more and more now. When we were younger, we did a little bit and we had writers, like the ones who's written for Chicago and for Huey Lewis. Their writers who wrote a few songs for us and we had a lot of fun you know, during the earlier 90's over in Europe. We did a huge tour, we went over to Europe like, 7 times in one year, doing videos......

Theresa: What was that like?
Nathan: That was a lot of fun. We had girls screaming outside the hotels till four in the morning. Actually kicked us out of the hotel 'cause the girls were breaking through security going up through the kitchen elevators, everything. I remember opening my door one night and seeing all these girls standing outside our room, I was in my pyjamas, you know. Then, they didn't know what to do, so they started running. (laughs) Really, we just said, "Oh, alright..."

So, anyway, we finally hid out for a few days in London in some flats, which is what they call apartments. And none of the fans........they went to every hotel in England, and could not find us.
Those were exciting days.
Theresa: Oh wow. That's neat.
Nathan: We're the Osmond 2nd Generation. We were known as the Osmond Boys, originally over in Europe. We had a lot of success, we had three songs in the top 40 over there, which was a lot of fun, a lot of promotional tours. We've had a lot of fun over the years.

Theresa: You mentioned London, how many countries did you perform in?
Nathan: We performed in 12 different countries It's exciting.
Theresa: So, you say you started out in the Donny and Marie show.......
Nathan: Yeah, we were on the set. We were the young kids on there. That's where we were first introduced in the Music Business. We always thought it was a way of life growing up around the studios and the production. Hearing all the fans and everything, we thought, "Wow, this is fun!" We started doing it ourselves. And later realized that it is a business. But it doesn't feel like it cause we're having so much fun doing it.


Alex is number seven in his family of brothers. He has watched his brothers peform over the years and often joined them on stage starting at the young age of two. He loved performing two shows a day these past 5 1/2 years in Branson, Missouri at The Osmond Family Theater where he sang, danced and became a very good juggler. He loves magic and the Utah Jazz.

Alex: I'm Alex, my birthday's April 8, 1988 and I'm 10.
Theresa: Tell us about the part that you're playing.....
Alex: I'm in the Dream Choir, we're like sitting onstage with David.....
Theresa: How do you like performing with your brothers?
Alex: (smiles) It's fun.
Theresa: Are you a little bit Country or are you a little bit Rock and Roll?
Alex: A little bit Country. I like Harry Connick, Jr. and Garth Brooks.


Tyler Osmond is the "caboose" in his family of 8 brothers. He has always been around the entertainment world of the Osmonds and finds the stage a natural place to be. Tyler loves music and is looking forward to singing with many young choirs this summer. He is a bright young man that loves reading, Nintendo and sports. He thinks he is the "boss" of the family....and he may be right!

Tyler: My name is Tyler Osmond. And I'm 8 years old, and my birthday was April 6th.
Theresa: Tell us about the part that you're playing......
Tyler: I'm in the Dream Choir, too.
Theresa: How do you like working with your brothers and stuff?
Tyler: It's fun.
Theresa: Are you a little bit Country, or Are you a little bit Rock and Roll?
Tyler: I like both.
Theresa: Who's your favorite artist?
Tyler: I like Boys II Men.....
Theresa: Do you like to play musical instruments?
Tyler: I took piano lessons.....
Nathan: He can play the Titanic on the piano.
Cissy Segall: And the Osmonds love basketball......(Cissy Segall is TUTS Managing Director of Marketing)
Nathan: Oh yeah, Utah Jazz!!!