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20th Anniversary Season

1998 - 1999 Season

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By Philip Ridley

Since Mummy and Daddy's death years ago, 28-year old twins Presley and Haley sequester themselves in their London flat, subsisting on chocolate and sleeping pills. When they open their door to a larger-than-life cabaret performer and his grotesquely disfigured assistant, their fear of the outside world comes to fruition. Freddie Krueger meets Romper Room - just in time for Halloween Swept the Helen Hayes Awards in Washington D.C. First Play by British playwright Philip Ridley

October 7 - November 1 Thrust Theater



Music by Jule Styne, Lyrics by Bob Merrill, Book by Isobel Lennard

We love ya' Barbra, but we're making this one our own! It's Fanny Brice up-close and personal. Rob Bundy directs a "warehouse production" of this musical classic in Stages intimate 171-seat Thrust Theatre. A lively and touching epic based on the life of Fanny Brice and her rise from "ugly" chorus girl to Ziegfeld Follies' headliner. Featuring the classics "I'm the Greatest Star," "People," and "Don't Rain On My Parade." A holiday treat for the whole family!

November 25 - January 3 Thrust Theater



By Athol Fugard

January 20 - February 14 Arena Theater

In the dawn of a new South Africa, a young woman is eager to take on the world, to experience life without limitations. But her grandfather is afraid to set the past - and his granddaughter - free. A tender tale of love, rebirth and the miracle of letting go. Hailed as one of Athol Fugard's finest dramas, this lyrical and mesmerizing off-Broadway hit will touch your heart.



By Diane Samuels

March 3 - March 28 Thrust Theater

In 1938, 7-year old Eva Schlesinger was put aboard a train filled with other Jewish children and carried away from Nazi Germany in a little-known rescue operation called Kindertransport. Now more than 40 years later, she has become the quintessential Englishwoman who hides her origins from everyone, including her own daughter. A stunning dramatic creation, Kindertransport tells of a miracle amid unimaginable horror and probes the complexity of emotions in those who must lose everything they love in order to live.


By Russell Lees

April 9 - May 2 Arena Theater

Nixon unplugged. August 7, 1974 Nixon and Kissinger grapple with the inevitable during this historic eve-before-resignation meeting. While Nixon scrambles to justify remaining in office, Kissinger struggles to convince his colleague to release the Presidency. Wickedly funny, unimpeachably intelligent, this off-Broadway hit is a relentless comedy about life at the top of the political heap. Eavesdrop on this delightfully satirical historical speculation as these legendary figures relate, rehash and reinvent their glory days of power.


By F. Hugh Herbert

May 12 - June 6 Thrust Theater

This 1951 comedy caused a ruckus by using words like "mistress" and "seduce" in its dialogue. The Academy Award-winning film version starring William Holden and Maggie McNamara was condemned by the Legion of Decency. Riding the retro wave, Stages reintroduces this romantic comedy nearly 48 years after its long run on Broadway. A New York architect's attempt romancing a "professional virgin" are thwarted by the arrival of his ex-fiancee's father. Mix a martini and join us for this charming farce.



Young, multi-talented, and handsome. The Artistically Creative Rob Bundy


QUILLS By Doug Wright

ASCENDANCY By Gary Bonasorte
Interview with Anne Quackenbush

ALL OVER By Edward Albee, Essay by Phil Fisher

BELOW THE BELTBy Richard Dresser
Interview with Astronaut Trainer Jerry Miller

FIT TO BE TIEDBy Nicky Silver