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Toys Take Over Christmas

A Houston Holiday Tradition
November 21 - December, 24, 2002

For the sixth consecutive year, The Toys Take Over Christmas delights audiences of all faiths

The Toys Take Over Christmas by Patricia Clapp Cone. Directed by Chesley Krohn. All Photos by Bruce Bennett

Houston, TX - For the sixth consecutive year, EarlyStages at Stages Repertory Theatre provides a joyous treat for children of all ages and families of all faiths with Patricia Clapp - Cone's heartwarming play The Toys Take Over Christmas. To accommodate sell - out crowds for this popular holiday favorite, Stages has scheduled additional weekday and evening performances, and a special Christmas Eve performance. Daytime performances are scheduled for groups and by advance purchase Monday - Friday at 9:30am and 11:30am, and public performances are Saturdays at 11:30am and 2:00pm. Evening performances are at 7:00pm on the following dates: December 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, and 21, 2002.

The Toy Maker puts the finishing touches on his newest creation, a rag doll named Sunny. The Toy Maker's toys are beautiful and he considers himself to be the greatest Toy Maker in the world, but he never sells the toys to anyone. The toys come to life when the Toy Maker sprinkles them with magic dust, but they are not allowed to leave the toyshop. When Sunny comes to life, she has some trouble walking. Her legs are wobbly, and she falls down a lot. So, the Toy Maker checks her legs to make sure he put in enough stuffing.

Toys Take Over Christmas is the story of Sunny, a walking, talking, life - sized rag doll who comes to life after the Toymaker sprinkles her with magic dust. Though her intentions are good, Sunny makes an astonishing discovery in the toyshop that divides the loyalties of her newfound friends, and jeopardizes the Toymaker's claim to be the "Greatest Toymaker in the world!" Director Chesley Krohn says of Toys Take Over Christmas, "For years audiences have valued this play as a reminder that although kindness and understanding sometimes seem beyond our reach, love and compassion win in the end." Appreciated by audiences of all faiths, TOYS is a marvelous opportunity to share this message with the whole family.

A mysterious old woman visits the toy shop and tries to buy a toy, but the Toy Maker insists that none of his toys are for sale. She pleads with him, saying her grandchild would very much like to receive a toy for Christmas, but he will not change his mind. She tells him that if he will not share, he cannot be the greatest Toy Maker in the world; that title belongs to Santa Claus, who gives his toys to children all over the world, so that they might have something to play with and love.

The toys, led by Sunny, ask why they won't ever belong to children, and the Toy Maker explains that children are not as much fun as they might seem. He tells the toys that eager children squeeze, poke, and crush their toys. It is better, the Toy Maker assures them to stay in the toyshop. Photo by Bruce Bennett

This year's production of Toys features an entirely new cast who bring to life the beloved characters of the Toyshop, including Colette the French Clown, the Fashion Doll, wooden toy soldiers, and several surprise guests!

The toys decide they would rather belong to children than live in the toyshop, and declare that Santa Claus is the greatest toy maker in the world because he gives his toys to children to be loved. The Toy Maker is shocked!

Tickets to The Toys Take Over Christmas are $8, or $6 for groups of 10 or more. A Toys activity page, available for teachers and group leaders, offers suggestions for further reading and fun and entertaining classroom activities. For more information or to make a reservation, please call the Box Office at 713-527-0123. Window Hours are 10:30am - 6:30pm Monday through Saturday, and 12:00pm - 5:00pm on Sunday.

Sunny discovers the Toy Maker's secret when she looks into an old trunk and finds a jar of hearts. This is why the toys can't be loved! They have no hearts! Sunny passes the hearts out to everyone in the shop but Colette the French Clown and the Toy Maker refuse.



A surprise visit from Santa Claus and the Christmas Fairy convince the Toy Maker to have a heart - and he is overcome with joy! Colette decides to try a heart, too, and together she and the Toy Maker lead the entire toy shop in a festive dance. Fron now on, the Toy Maker will give his toys to children so that they all may know the joys of love and kindness, all year round!


TOYMAKER…………..Jeffrey Yaworski
SUNNY………………...Melanie Ruche
COLETTE………………La Toya Patterson
CAPTAIN………………Kory Kilgore
FASHION DOLL……….Maria Xiques
SOLDIER # 1…………...Jonathan Welch
Old Woman / Shopper / Christmas Fairy……….Rachel Hemphill Dickson
Surprise Visitor…………Alan Hall

DATES: Saturday November 23 through Tuesday December 24, 2002

Single Tickets: $8 each
Groups of 10 or more: $6 each, with one free ticket for every 10 purchased.

BOX OFFICE: 713-527-0123
3201 Allen Parkway at Waugh Drive
Tickets available online at


After the Premiere of The Toys Take Over Christmas, EarlyStages gave us a Christmas Party where we got to meet the Cast of the Show....

Theatre friends little Ania and her mom, Angelica taste the delicious cookies and fruit drinks at the party.

Ania and her mom, Angelica meet Sunny, the Raggedy Ann Doll (Melanie Ruche)

There were plenty of activities for all the children that saw the play at the party.

And more activities for the kids after the show.

The Fashion Doll (Maria Xiques) and Sunny, the Raggedy Ann Doll (Melanie Ruche) sign autographs after the show.

The Fashion Doll (Maria Xiques) signs an autograph for little Ania and her mom, Angelica during the party.

Oh No! Little Ania is scared of the Toy Soldier....

Colette, the Clown Doll (La Toya Patterson) and the Toy Soldier pose for a photo-op

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!