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Theater Group to Open New Theatre Space with Production

Houston, Tx - Unhinged Productions will open their new theater located at 3304 LaBranch with a production of Hugh Whitemore’s BREAKING THE CODE. The show opens March 2, 2001 at 8pm and will play through April 1, 2001.

“We are so excited to be opening a new theatre space in Houston with this beautifully written, touching and sensitive play,” announced Chris Jimmerson, Artistic Director. The new space, to be called Unhinged Theater will seat from 60 to 150 persons depending on how it is configured for individual shows.

BREAKING THE CODE tells the life storyof Alan Turing, the primary designer of the Turing Machine, an early computer used to solve the German Enigma code during World War II, a solution many believe was instrumental in the Allied victory. The title refers to both the solution of the Enigma code and Turing’s open admission to his homosexuality, which at the time violated not only the codes of polite society but British law.

“What is amazing is that part of the reasoning for persecuting Turing was the fear that his homosexuality would make him a security risk if someone were to threaten to reveal him. Almost sixty years later, we still hear that same argument,” said Jimmerson. “Since he was open about his homosexuality, that seems to be an irrelevant argument.”

The production features veteran Houston actor Jerry Miller as Turing and is being directed by Diane Kaste. It opens Friday, March 2nd at 8pm and plays Thursdays through Saturdays at 8pm through March 31, 2001. Tickets are $20 and there are special half-price performances on Thursday March 1 at 8pm, Monday March 5 at 8pm and Sunday April 1 at 6pm.

For reservations or more information call 713-524-8707 or visit www.u-p.org on the web.