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Plays at Alley Theatre for Landmark 40th Anniversary Production

Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Albee
to Direct His Early Plays in Alley's Intimate Neuhaus Arena

WHAT: Edward Albee's The Zoo Story and The American Dream
Written and Directed by Edward Albee
In honor of their 40th anniversaries, the Alley offers a new production of the
three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright's early masterpieces The Zoo Story
and The American Dream-two one-act plays presented as a double bill.

The Zoo Story, written in 1959, launched Mr. Albee's career with his harrowing
and caustically funny play of two strangers who meet in Central Park. This
encounter brings into question many of the values that shape contemporary life-
and death. "The finest play, written by an American, that can be seen for love and
money," said The Villager of the premiere.

In The American Dream, Mr. Albee-an Associate Artist of the Alley Theatre-
expands on the trivialities of everyday life in this ironic, humorous and offbeat
work. While Mommy and Daddy struggle with the idea of putting Grandma in a
nursing home, Grandma-a feisty, strong-willed woman-has another plan.
Enter the muscular, well-spoken Young Man that the family considers "The American Dream."

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Single tickets to Edward Albee's The Zoo Story and The American Dream can
by purchased at the Alley Theatre Box Office, 6 1 5 Texas Ave., or by phone at
713/228-842 1. Tickets to preview performances are $22; tickets to performances
on or after the March 10 opening range from $36 - $40.